Please Help Prime The Pump

The municipal elections for Chicago City Council will be held on February 24, 2015. Yes, it seems a long way away but it’ll be here before we know it.

 Why is Joe running?

He wants to join the Progressive Caucus of Aldermen in representing Chicago voters, not Chicago corporations. He believes in quality, fully-funded public education, access for all to both physical and mental health services, and the creation of jobs through public investment in infrastructure improvements, especially as pertains to public schools, parks and transportation.

Why him?

He’s a ten-year resident of Ward 39, an experienced campaigner, an elected public official, and a proven public speaker. He solidly reflects the progressive policies that Americans realize are needed for help solve the pressing problems in education, in politics and in employment.

He serves as a community member of Roosevelt High School Local School Council, is a voting member of North Side Democracy For America and a founder of the Part-time Faculty Association at Columbia College, where I taught for more than 20 years.

The help we seek

Joe can’t do it alone.

He needs help in “priming the pump.”

Any campaign, except those with millionaire candidates, has to prove its viability by gaining supporters the old fashioned way, one person, one friend, and one donation at a time.

Sure we’d love to hire a professional fund-raiser but to do so we need money to hire them. We’d love to have an expert publicity firm but that takes money as well. And yes we want a professional campaign manager, but even he or she won’t work for free. So we have to start small and build our first successes into bigger ones.

That is why we’re turning to you. Please make a monthly pledge to support my campaign. An automatic recurring donation of 10, 25 or 50 dollars or more a month will add up in the course of the next 16 months. If you can’t afford monthly donations, then please consider a one-time donation of an amount that doesn’t break your budget.

Why this letter?

I need to introduce myself to and convince some 4,500 neighbors to vote for me. The most effective way to reach them is to use a web-based tool called Vote Builder. It will give me the names, addresses and phone numbers of Ward 39 Democrats, the men and women I need to canvass. The rental fee is about $1,000. Your contribution will give me the early start I need to get this job done.

Simply go to to support my election. When you do, you will see a button to CONTRIBUTE and when you do so it will ask if your donation is “Once” or “Each month.” My goal here is to find 100 recurring contribution, which will demonstrate support for my campaign and raise as much as (or more than) $15,000.00 by the election.

A professional fund-raiser will cost me ten times as much – nearly ten thousand dollars. Your recurring contribution will be a start towards getting there. Just click here to give me that start.

Your donation to my campaign is a very necessary part of my winning. Join with me now in saying “YES” to progressive government. A contribution today will help bring a victory in 2015. Just click here to help me win.

Thank you,

Joe Laiacona
Candidate for Ward 39 Alderman in 2015.

Paid for by the Committee To Elect Joe Laiacona. Contributions to this committee are not tax deductible for federal or state taxes. A copy of our report is (or will be) available at the state or city election board.