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News as of Nov 29

My petitions are filed, thanks to all those who signed and those who help collect them. I’m busy filling out endorsement questionnaires and had a really good meeting with the Chicago Teachers Union Endorsement Committee.

Earning Ballot Status

We’ve been busy collecting signatures to put Joe’s name on the February 24th ballot. The numbers are adding up nicely and the voters’ reception is greatly encouraging. They are happy to see that the incumbent is going to have some serious competition. As one neighbor said, “It’s about time we depose the queen.”

Back on the campaign trail

My seasonal job is over and the weather is perfect (when there are no thunderstorms, that is) for knocking on doors to meet the men and women who will vote for me in February. In that endeavor I can use all the help I can get. Join me as I introduce myself to your neighbors. To volunteer call me at 312-206-8793 or email me your contact information at